Leave It To The Experts: Five Reasons Why Cabinet Painting Is Not A DIY Job

When looking at homes, many buyers make their decisions based on updates in the kitchen, followed closely by the bathrooms. Out of all possible kitchen renovations, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets can give a fresh, luxurious feel to your space. You may consider trying to do this yourself to save money, but cabinet painting is not a simple DIY job. Here are five reasons you should leave the painting to a professional:

Housing The Neighborhood Pests? What To Do

If your house has become that house that everyone calls the mouse house or the cockroach house, you have a problem. Not only is your house the one that the neighborhood talks about most, but you also have these pests in your home living among you and your family. To help you get rid of the pests and the not-so-cute nicknames for your home, read on for some helpful tips.