Leave It To The Experts: Five Reasons Why Cabinet Painting Is Not A DIY Job

When looking at homes, many buyers make their decisions based on updates in the kitchen, followed closely by the bathrooms. Out of all possible kitchen renovations, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets can give a fresh, luxurious feel to your space. You may consider trying to do this yourself to save money, but cabinet painting is not a simple DIY job. Here are five reasons you should leave the painting to a professional:

Home Value

Unlike a piece of furniture you picked up from a thrift store intending to re-paint, the cabinets in your home are worth thousands of dollars—likely 30% of the total value of your kitchen. For this reason, they are worth the investment to ensure they are painted properly and will last. Even if you are not considering selling your home in the near future, the "joy factor" of living in a professionally updated home is a considerable draw.

Preparation and Clean-up

Painting projects require a great deal of set-up and clean-up to avoid a big mess in your home. Professional painters are able to protect the rest of your surfaces while painting and can reassemble your space when the job is complete. In addition, custom painters may assist you with color choice so you end up with exactly what you wanted.

The Right Tools

Most DIY painters use brushes and rollers to paint kitchen surfaces. However, this is the quickest way to ruin cabinets, as these tools can leave noticeable traces of brush marks and stipple. Professional painters use fine finish paint sprayers to achieve a smooth and even finish around all the intricate surfaces of a cabinet. Beyond paint sprayers, professionals have access to a host of additional tools, such as sanding machines and paint containment booths, which are typically unavailable at your local home store.

Time Frame

Living without a functional kitchen is a huge inconvenience. Many homeowners take weeks to do a painting job that could be completed in a few days by a professional.

Professional Guarantees

If you want your paint job done on time and correctly, a reputable painting company is the way to go. If companies believe in their work, they can guarantee the quality of work as well as some amount of warranty.

While the DIY market is trending, it's essential to know which projects can be attempted successfully and which are worth investing in expert services. Because of the value and the scope of work involved, kitchen cabinet painting is a job best left to a professional painter. Contact a custom cabinet painting service for more information.