When Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing the Right Choice?

Cabinet refacing is a good way to restore or update the appearance of a kitchen. It isn't always the right solution, especially if there are some structural issues with the kitchen or the cabinets. How can you tell if kitchen cabinet refacing is the right choice? 

The Box Is in Good Condition

The main box that forms the cabinet's shape needs to be in good condition. You don't want to spend money on refacing if the box isn't going to hold up. Even if the box is slightly askew, it will cause the hinges on the cabinets to wear out faster. Likewise, the refaced cabinet may look a bit off-kilter.

Also, you don't want to take the chance that the entire cabinet box might require replacement in the next few years. In that scenario, you may be further ahead to remove the cabinets and install new ones. However, if the box is still in good shape, you can save significant money with refacing.

You Like the Kitchen's Current Design

Remodeling the whole kitchen while only refacing the cabinets is possible. However, cabinet refacing usually works best when the homeowner is happy at least with the basic layout of the current kitchen. It can be tough to relocate cabinets and make them work in other parts of the kitchen, for example. Conversely, kitchen cabinet refacing is a good choice if you're happy at least with where the cabinets presently are.

Light Remodeling

Refacing the cabinets is also an excellent choice if you're doing light remodeling. If most of the big features will stay put, you can deal with lots of little things like new countertops, tiling, and paint. The refaced cabinets will then have to conform to the other work you've done. However, by refacing the cabinets rather than just refinishing or repainting them, you can ensure you'll fully update the kitchen's appearance. 

Wear and Tear

You might also be perfectly happy with the kitchen. However, the cabinets might not be in the greatest shape. This is more of a restoration project than a remodeling. Your goal is to get the visible surfaces in the kitchen back to their original look. Cabinet refacing is a fast and cost-effective way to restore life in a kitchen that has some wear and tear, especially on the high-use features like the cabinets.

Using Older Pieces

Finally, you might use a refaced cabinet for a full remodel. If you've found an old cabinet that you love, you might have a company reface it just to bring it back to a presentable condition.

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