Tips To Choose And Install Blackout Curtains For Your Home

The windows in your home are great for allowing natural sunlight to come into your space and also provide you with a wide view of the outside. However, when you want your interior space to be darkened to block out sunlight, you can install and use the right types of curtains to make your space comfortable and of good use based on your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right blackout curtains for your home's interior space.

Choose the Color and Fabric

Blackout curtains for your home interior provide a light-blocking fabric, but they are not just black in color. The purpose of blackout curtains is to block light from entering your home, but they do so in a variety of colors and patterns. When you choose a set of blackout curtains for your home, you can choose them in the color you want to coordinate with your decor and also in an attractive pattern or design. You can, for example, find a curtain patterned after a tropical design or chevron marks. 

When you establish your own type of blackout curtains, this allows you to build them using any type of fabric you want. Blackout curtains are made up of an outside layer of decorative fabric but lined with a room-darkening material that is thickly woven to block out all light from entering. When you add these two fabrics together, you have room darkening qualities on the outside and decorative elements on the inside for your home's interior. This is also a great way to make the outside of your home appear uniform through its windows, for example, if you have to follow regulations guiding the exterior appearance of your home with an HOA or apartment management company. Instead of blocking your windows with a blue, green, or color-blocking pattern that would be visible from the outside of your home, you can choose a neutral white, tan, or gray colored blackout fabric for the lining.

Hang the Curtains

When you install blackout curtains on your windows, make sure they are installed properly to provide full concealment of any exterior light. The way to do this is to install the curtain rod so it is several inches above the top of the window. Then, make sure you have enough fabric so it extends past both sides of the window and hangs well below the bottom of the window. 

A good rule of thumb to follow in hanging curtains is to let them hang so they touch the floor, but you need to make sure the curtains are long enough to do so. Having curtains hung up higher on your wall above the window and letting them hang to the floor will make your room interior appear larger as a result.

For more information on blackout curtains for your home, contact a company that supplies products such as 84-inch leaf pattern blackout curtain sets.