Modern Ideas For Your Backyard Fire Pit

If you have any style of contemporary home, you'd probably like a modern patio to match the house. Modern style is characterized by the clean lines of geometry. Quite often designs feature an industrial theme, though any kind of clean minimalism promotes that contemporary ambience. While an outdoor fire pit may make you think of rustic style homes, you can add a modern version that fits your contemporary patio. These fire pits work best with a gas feed, which necessitates having a gas line installed to the pit area.

Concrete Box

Since geometry and industrial materials are centerpieces of modern design, combining them in a fire pit makes sense. You could have a fire pit constructed out of concrete to resemble a box. The concrete can be left natural, or you can choose a dye that complements the rest of your exterior. You can even have the concrete stained to look like stone.

Sleek Trough

Speaking of dying concrete to look like stone, a sleek trough is another idea for a mod fire pit. There's nothing that says a fire pit has to be circular or even square. A rectangular box for a fire pit gives the added bonus of more space around the warmth. Consider having the concrete stained to look like basalt because the nuanced gray complements contemporary décor. You could even have the well of the fire pit filled with industrial materials such as metal or glass.

Tiered Pit

Mixing the elements of fire and water gives your patio a primal feel. The Landscaping Network describes a custom fire pit that essentially looks like a two-tier fountain. The bottom tier is the water element with water dripping into the well from the bottom of the top tier. Rather than another water well, the top tier features a small fire pit. Such a construction gives you the benefit of warmth from the fire as well as the soothing ambience of water music. The bottom should be constructed with a wide lip for sitting around the fire element.

Sculptural Fire Pit

There's no rule that your fire pit can't be artistic as well as useful. Consider mixing modern art with your pit for a creative addition to your patio. For example start with a fire bowl, and add sculptural sheets of metal on the sides that ostensibly shield the fire from the wind. You can also add a glass box to a square fire pit. Another option is to have a modern sculpture growing from the well itself, such as a cityscape constructed of metal tabs.

Install a modern style fire pit that accents your contemporary home while augmenting your outdoor living style.