3 Reasons To Use Copper For Your Roof

One of the most versatile and desirable materials that you can use for your roof is copper, mostly because of the many benefits that copper roofing tiles can provide. Listed below are just some of the many reasons to choose copper when building or replacing your roof.


Copper roofing tiles are typically much lighter than other high-end roofing materials, which is why copper is a great choice for just about any size structure without having to spend money modifying the structure. When using some other roofing materials, such as slate, the weight can often be more than many houses can support. In that situation, you would either have to forego using slate or spend quite a bit of money reinforcing your roof to support the weight. 


One of the best features of copper roofing tiles is that it is very reflective, which is ideal for keeping your home cooler throughout the year. When sunlight strikes a traditional roof, the roof will absorb the heat and cause the temperature within the house to increase. However, when that same sunlight strikes copper roofing tiles, the light is reflected away and keeps your home a few degrees cooler, which can lead to savings on your utility bills as you will not need to have the air conditioner on as often.


A major reason for the popularity of copper roofing tiles is that they are extremely resilient and can stand up to the types of damage that can quickly cause other roofing materials to weaken or degrade. A prime example of this would be the fact that copper is not going to become damaged as a result of insects as termites and other pests are unable to dig into the copper to build nests or feed.

Another example of copper's resilience is that it is not flammable, which is perfect for keeping your home safe if you live in a dry climate where fires are common. This is because when a fire spreads, it tends to do so via sparks or embers from neighboring houses or trees landing on your roof. This resilience is the primary reason that copper has such a long lifespan, with most copper roofing lasting almost 100 years

Speak with a contractor today, like http://www.premiumpanels.com, in order to discuss how a copper roof might benefit you and if it would be suitable for your home. A copper roof is ideal due to the fact that it is light, reflective, and resists damage.