Want To Buy Christmas Lights Early? 4 Ways To Incorporate Them Into Your Home

Many people will buy Christmas lights sometime shortly after Thanksgiving to decorate their home, but this is not the only time to buy them. You can get your hands on noteworthy sales after Christmas, and you can have the best selection to choose from when you take care of your Christmas light shopping early on. While you might think that you have to wait until late November or early December to make use of these lights, you can actually incorporate them throughout your home in numerous ways.   

Wrap Around a Support Column

If you have support columns in your home, which are common with open floorplans, you can take your Christmas lights and neatly wrap them around the columns. To enjoy the most versatility in your lights, you should choose some variation of white whether it is clear or frosted. During the evening, you can turn these lights on in replacement of other lighting and create a desirable ambiance at the same time. You want to set it up like you would wrapping an outdoor column, just without being outside.

Line Closets or Doorways

Another way to make use of these lights is to line the outside of your closets or doorways. Instead of turning on an overhead light, table lamp, or floor lamp, you can just turn on the Christmas lights. This will not illuminate an area enough to handle individual tasks that require pinpoint lighting, but it should be enough to safely navigate around the room and do things like change your clothes or use the computer.

String Behind Your Television

Some stores carry LED lights that you can attach to the back of your television, which makes your viewing experience more theater-like. However, you should be able to accomplish the same goal by using Christmas lights. One way is to string them behind the television to simply add border lighting. Or, you can string lights above or below the television to improve the visual appeal of the area.

Add Mood Lighting to the Bedroom

If you want to enhance the mood in the bedroom, you can use Christmas lights for this task by draping them above the bed or through the headboard if you have one that has rails and posts. You can also take a large glass jar, stuff the lights inside, and place it on a bookshelf or nightstand to add unique lighting.

While Christmas lights are typically used around Christmastime, this is certainly not a rule that you need to follow. Buying lights early on (from an outlet such as River City Lights) provides you with plenty of opportunities to use them in your home.