LED Garden Lighting Systems: Illuminating Trees In Your Garden

With spring just around the corner, now would be a good time to start preparing your yard with a new garden lighting scheme. Investing in a set of LED garden lights can be an innovative way to light up your garden and transform it into your own outdoor magical setting. LED lights can be installed behind a shrubbery to create ambiance, or they can be positioned on walls, lamp posts and behind vegetation to light up the space. In this article, you will learn creative ways to illuminate tall trees of various kinds so as to add drama and vertical emphasis to your landscape.

Tall open-structured trees

Lighting up tall, open-structured trees with a narrow canopy is best done using one or two LED recessed lights fitted right beneath the trunk. This allows for light to travel up the whole tree structure for a fuller effect. For tall trees with a dense outer canopy, light up the trunk and middle of the branches with a narrow beam LED light fitted below ground, and position a wide beam LED garden light to the side of the tree to illuminate the canopy.

The central beam will typically focus light on the branch structure, with the complementing side beam focused up the trunk and inner branches so that the entire tree structure is well-lit.

Dense-canopied trees

Trees such as chestnut and yew, which have a dense, spreading canopy, require a well thought out garden lighting system. Typically, a spike-mount LED light can be positioned behind a shrubbery or hedgerow to shine light on the canopy. A ground recessed LED light wouldn't be ideal for lighting up such trees, as the internal lamp adjustment wouldn't be sufficient to shine light far up the canopy from a side angle.

Remember to use LED lights with strong wattage, especially if you position the lights a few meters from the outside of the canopy or where the foliage color is particularly dark. If you intend to merely graze up the foliage surface so as to emphasize texture, position a spike-mount light just outside the canopy so that most of the light falls on the bottom part, with a little bit of light stretching up towards the top.

Recessed LED garden lights can be installed around tall trees to shoot light up the tree structure, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the canopy and branches at night. These lights should be positioned above the water table with gravel drainage below the fitting. For areas prone to flooding, spike-mount lights are more ideal. Contact a company like Outdoor Accents for all your LED lighting needs.