3 Easy Home Upgrades To Make In Advance Of Super Bowl 50

Hosting the perfect Super Bowl party is an art and a science, with the challenge renewing itself every year for the past 50 Februaries. In order to make this year's watching party more fun to commemorate the big 5-0, it helps to make a few small upgrades around the house. Even if you don't live in a movie theater or have your own sports bar in the basement, you can still recreate these environments in small ways around your home. Here are three small upgrades for your home to ensure this year's Super Bowl party is the best one yet. 

Countertop Deep Fryer 

Whipping up a round of crab rangoons or crispy tater tots has never been easier than when done in the deep fryer like at restaurants. To get this same crispy deliciousness in your own home without a major renovation, a smaller countertop model will give you the same effect, and the machine can be stowed away until the next big game when you're done. 

Standby Generator

If Winter Storm Jonas was any indication, there's no place in the US that's safe from extreme winter weather. To make sure that a freak storm doesn't shut down your Super Bowl party early, a standby generator is an excellent solution. These lifesavers are shockingly easy to install, and the benefit is well worth the small amount of effort required. In fact, most standby generators will take a maximum of two days to install (about 6 to 10 hours of labor), and installation doesn't take over any part of your home like other renovations can. For more information about generators, contact a business such as Anderson Water Systems

Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Nothing brings you back to the ballpark like a fresh bag of air popped popcorn. The real stuff (air popped) puts bagged, microwaved popcorn to shame, and thankfully, it's pretty easy to get this aspect of the game in your own home. Full-sized cart versions are available at many home furnishings stores, and vintage ones can be picked up at many antique shops and salvage yards. If you're tight on floor space, countertop models provide the same light, fluffy popcorn in a pint-sized package. 

With these three easy home upgrades, there's no reason for this year's Super Bowl party to be anything but amazing. With this year marking the fiftieth iteration of America's biggest game, there's no better time to break out the big guns for a night that everyone will remember.