Are You A New Writer? Stop Dreaming And Start Designing Your Own Affordable Writing Studio

If you've taken the plunge into the exciting world of becoming a writer, you probably dream of having your very own space to write. If you're like most new writers, you probably don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on a home improvement project. You may think writing studios are only for well-known writers, and you may push your dream aside until the future.

However, having your own writing studio is easier than you think. All you need is a little creativity and a small amount of money. With a little luck and some research, you may even be able to design it for free.

Selecting a space

An extra bedroom is ideal. If you rarely have guests stay overnight, you may want to consider turning the guest room into your studio. You can leave the bed in place for those days when you want to write in a more relaxed manner.

A large walk-in closet will also work well for your writing studio. If you don't have a spare room or large closet, the next best option would be the corner of a room.

If you have to use the corner of a room, you should chose a room with a door for privacy. Bedrooms are ideal since they are usually away from the main traffic flow of the home. If you must choose a room near the main traffic flow, you can purchase folding privacy screens to make your space less invasive.

Choosing a desk

A desk is usually the focal point of a writing studio. Some writers prefer older desks over modern ones. When looking at the writing studios of famous writers, you can see that they often used old desks or plain tables for writing.

If you can't find a desk you like at a used furniture store or thrift shop, consider using a small table or making a desk from items you already have at home.

Sawhorses make good substitutes for legs. Top two sawhorses with a large piece of plywood to make an instant desk. An old wooden door placed across two barrels is also a good substitute for a desk top. Paint your desk in your favorite color to inspire creativity.

Shelves and bookcases

As you grow in your writing career, it's likely your stash of books will grow with you. If your space is small, start with a freestanding bookcase. You can add to it as your book collection grows. 

If you have an entire room, opt for built-in bookshelves along a wall. You don't need high quality lumber for the shelves. Check with your local home improvement store for scrap lumber or seconds. Some home improvement centers offer free instruction in do-it-yourself projects like making shelves.   

Finishing touches

What inspires you? Nature, flowers, photos of your family or pets? Decorating your space is entirely up to you. Choose items that stimulate your mind and get your creativity flowing.

Look for wall décor with inspirational quotes at flea markets and yard sales. Hang your children's art on your walls. Make your space about you and the things you love.

Just because you're a new writer doesn't mean you shouldn't have the luxury of your own writing space. If you write, you're a professional writer, so start acting like it. Stop dreaming and start working on your unique writing studio today. For more information on used furniture for your writing studio, contact a company like Wertz Brothers Furniture Inc.