Incorporating Metal Plant Stands Into Your Small Space Landscaping Plan

If you have a smaller yard or patio that you are landscaping, finding space-saving pieces for your look is a must. Incorporating foliage and decor into a small space can be a challenge, but can be done. Achieving a great outdoor look while still saving space can be done with metal plant stands, found at stores like Audge's Magic Moments. Here are four ways to bring to life a small outdoor space by incorporating metal plant stands into your landscape.

1. Metal is Great for Outdoors

As opposed to wooden planters or cement stands, metal can withstand the elements and won't attract mold or disintegrate in humid temperatures. Source metal stands that are painted with rust repellent to get the most use out of your metal plant stands. These can be lightweight, but still sturdy enough for the elements.

2. Having Plant Stands that Aren't Solid for Space

Large pots for plants and planter boxes can look great, but will eat up your outdoor space quickly. If you can source sturdy metal plant stands, these can stand tall without taking up too much space. Metal plant stands will let light in and won't be a solid boundary in a small space, and will keep the flow of your yard or patio. These can hold smaller pots and planters so that plants can give the illusion of being bigger just by being placed higher up on stands.

3. Tiered Decor and Planting

Metal plant stands can offer up more versatility and creative ways to display plants. Being lightweight, there are stands that can be secured to the side of your home. This will get plants up off of the ground but still bring a garden-like atmosphere to your space. Other stands can lean on walls, or have a tiered look to get plants at all levels and not take up much space.

4. Easy to Move and Access

If your walkways are narrow throughout your patio or yard, having pots and plants can get in the way. If you quickly need to clear a path for guests or for yard work, metal plant stands can be cleared quickly and stacked out of the way. Being able to reorganize your look, or move plants for better sunlight or shade throughout the year, is simple to do with lightweight metal stands.

Bringing a greener look to a patio or small yard while trying to keep this as spacious as possible can be hard. Incorporating metal plant stands is a great way to balance plant-life while at the same time saving space.