Park Model Recreational Vehicles: A Vacation Home Wherever You Need One

If you have considered having a vacation home, but can never decide where you would want it, having a park model recreational vehicle can solve your problem. These mini homes on wheels have more to them than the typical motor home, more familiar than staying in a hotel and much less expensive than buying a vacation home. They are comfortable, and can be set up to give each member of your family a bit of privacy. Before you make a decision regarding what you will live in while on vacation, here are a few facts about park models.


The main regulation about park models is that it cannot have a footprint of more than 400 square feet. This means that the vehicle, when set up, cannot take up more than 400 square feet of ground space. So, if you need extra room you will need to have a loft or two built onto it. As long as the height of the loft is not over 5 feet, it is not included in the size regulation. You can also use the roof as a covered patio. The awning or cover will need to be removable and stored when not set up.


There are two different widths for park model recreational vehicles. The narrower one is 8 feet, 6 inches wide and the other has a width of 12 feet. You can get a special license that allows you to drive wide loads and pull the unit yourself. However, it should be noted that the wider unit may need a special permit from the Department of Transportation to move.

If you do not wish to get the special license, you can hire a driver to take the unit to wherever you are traveling. This can be handy if you plan on going across country and do not wish to waste any time driving that far. You will still need to set up once you arrive though, the driver will just drop the unit at the location and leave.


The inside of your park model is not restricted to the width of the unit for movement purposes. Once you are at the RV site, things get fun. The walls pull out to make the unit both wider and longer. You can have tip-outs, turrets, or slide the entire side out. The roof can be raised to add in a loft or two on either end of the unit. You can have everything you need stored in the unit. Tables can be pulled up, furniture slid into place and storage areas unlocked. You will have all the necessities and comforts of home.

While a typical RV may suffice, it does not have the space available. Most of the time you will have to put down the table to make a bed for someone, and the living area may not be usable when young children are in bed. A hotel room is nice, but lacks the personal touches of home. The big advantage park model Resort Homes have over a vacation home is the mobility. You will not have to take your vacation in the same place every year.