Stop Slime Mold From Growing In Your Yard

Dead and decaying matter attract slime mold in your yard. If you notice it, do not worry too much because the mold will not harm your vegetation. However, you may not like how the slime mold looks and may wish to remove it.

Shovel Away the Mold

The moist, damp and dark parts of your lawn can be susceptible to slime mold. Given that slime mold depends so much on moisture, drying the area out can be the best and most environmentally-friendly way to eliminate the mold. Use a shovel to remove the visible slime mold and leave it out in the sun to dry out.

Let Some Light In

Find areas that do not have a lot of sunlight and find ways to reduce shade. Why is there not a lot of light in the first place? Is a tree trunk blocking light? Is there a structure you can tear down? Whatever is blocking the light should be eliminated so that mold, which thrives under such conditions, will perish.

If you have any potted plants that are covered with slime mold, move them to a sunny area and rinse them down. Rinsing them will remove the slime mold and the sunlight will dry the plant so that it does not attract more slime mold.

Mow Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is another way to remove slime mold. The slime mold that clings to the grass blades will be eliminated after you mow the lawn. Then, rake the area so that the grass clippings do not create moist conditions that allow for slime mold to thrive.

Aerate Your Flower Beds

Slime mold will sometimes develop in your flower beds because the mulch will trap moisture. Turning over the mulch chips will allow for the mulch to be more aerated, which will dry the area out and create conditions unfavorable to slime mold.

Look for Problem Areas

If you notice a sudden surge of slime mold, consider what might be contributing to it. You might have an underground pipe that burst or your gutters might be clogged and need to be cleaned out. Correcting these problems will also correct the slime mold.

The time of day that you water your lawn also plays a role in how moist your landscape is. If you water early in the day, this will give the sun time to heat up the damp grass and trigger evaporation. This will dry the lawn and make it less conducive to slime mold.  

For extra help controlling slime mold, contact a landscaping specialist, such as Superior Lawn and Landscape