Replacing Your Cracked Granite Countertops? Recycle The Old Stuff With These 5 Ideas

Now that it's time to replace your cracked granite countertops, you may not have thought of doing anything with the old stuff aside from throwing it in the trash or taking it to the local junkyard. But because there are so many nifty things you can do to recycle those cracked countertops at home, it's worth considering taking on a small side project or two when time permits. Here are five fun ideas that might pique your hobbyist interests:

Stepping Stones

If the cracks in your countertops are far enough apart from each other that you can fit a foot between them, you can break them into pieces and use them as stepping stones in your garden or yard. Dig out small shallow holes where you plan to place the stepping stones so they can settle in flush with the ground, and better support the weight of people walking on them.

Wall Art

Whether you are an artist or not, you can create stunning wall art for your home or as gifts with the help of your cracked countertops. Use pieces of your countertops as the base for your art and use stencils to paint or airbrush designs on them. Install small hangers on the backs so they can easily be hanged on the wall.

Table Décor

Pieces of cracked granite countertops that have been sanded along the edges offer impressive depth to tables. They can be used as bases for flower vases, fruit baskets, stacked book collections, and knick-knacks. If your countertop pieces are small enough, you can even use them as coasters for your mugs and glasses.

Flowerpot Stands

A great way to spruce things up outside, add a little extra color to your garden, and keep the weeds from growing too close to your flowers, is to use your cracked pieces of granite as flowerpot stands. Set the granite on short concrete blocks found at your local home improvement store, and you have instant stands that look good and protect your flowers 24 hours a day.

Outdoor Tables

Why not kick your décor up a notch by creating stunning granite end tables for your patio furniture? You can simply upgrade your wooden or plastic tables by gluing or puttying the granite on top to create a new surface, or cut plywood to use as a base for the granite and connect the plywood to four legs made of 2-by-4 lumber cut to the height of your preference.

These ideas offer the opportunity to play a personal role in creating a unique look and feel for you home. They're all affordable, and none of them take a lot of time to complete, which makes them a great option if you find yourself strapped for time or hobby money.