Dual Purpose Furniture Options For Your Home's Patio

When you are looking for new patio furniture, it is a good idea to find ones that have more than one purpose. Even though having a table and chairs adds a place for people to spend time, you may need or want other features such as storage. For this reason, you should look through all of your outdoor furniture options so you find the right ones for your patio.

Seats With Ottomans

Your first objective when looking for new outdoor furniture is to find the right seating. You could choose a couch or some simple chairs, but they offer limited seating. With this in mind, you should consider individual seats that come with ottomans.

This type of seating allows you to put your feet up and relax while spending some time on your patio. However, the ottomans also work well as additional seating when you have guests come over. For example, you move the ottoman so it sits next to the chair, which gives you a perfect seat for a child or smaller adult.

When looking into the different ottomans, you want to find the ones where the cushion is removable. With these ottomans, the area below the cushion is storage you can use for extra candles, children's toys or towels you may need while outside. Choosing this option gives you the opportunity to have additional seating and storage, but you do not have to buy extra patio furniture to accomplish this goal.

Fire Pit Table

Another furniture option for your patio is a table that you can place drinks or food on when you are outside. However, if you want a table that also adds heat and style to the space, then you want to look for a fire pit table.

This type of table has a fire pit in the middle and it uses propane as the energy source for the heat. Generally, the fire pit is smaller than traditional stand-alone models, since you still need room for the rest of the tabletop. The tabletop is usually made from decorative stone or concrete that stays cool to the touch when the fire pit is lit.

Some manufacturers offer tables that have heat-resistant glass around the fire pit as well. The glass helps contain the flame, but you will not lose any of the heat you want. Choosing a table that has the glass barrier can also make it more comfortable for you to use when children will be eating around the table as well.   

New outdoor furniture is a great way to makeover your patio. However, before you choose any type of patio furniture, you should look for ones that have additional features. Once you have this information, it will be easier for you to pick the best pieces for your patio.