Helping Your Family To Survive The End Of Holiday Gift Giving

If you have small children, you know the sensory overload that can come with the end of the holiday season. With so many gifts and special events, they can become easily overwhelmed, and all of the giving and doing can leave your house looking like a tornado came through. Here are some tips for making sure that your holiday gift giving, with gifts from places like Eve & Nico Crafts Home Decor, doesn't leave your family singing the blues in January.

1. Take some time to organize. Get rid of things that are old or haven't been used since last year, and make sure your children do the same. By removing things that are never used, you begin to see what you truly have. You will also get a better idea of where your new items can be stored. Help your child clean out his closet, and you may be surprised at how much he actually has.

2. Re-gift items generously. While you are in the process of cleaning and eliminating clutter, if you see something in good condition that someone else can use, consider donating it to a local charity organization. Items that are given to your family as gifts that will never be used could be given as gifts to those who could actually use them. For example, if your family is unable to eat foods containing wheat or nitrates, why not donate that food basket to the local food pantry? Toys that are received in double could be given to friends or donated to organizations like Toys for Tots or the Salvation Army.

3. Encourage gratitude. After receiving many gifts, it can become easy for kids to begin to have an ungrateful or entitled attitude. Encourage your children to be grateful for the things that they have been given by writing thank you notes or making phone calls to show their appreciation to friends and family members for the gifts that they are given. Teach them by example that being thankful is important, even if a gift is not your favorite.

4. Put things away for later. It is okay for your children not to use up every single present that they receive during the first week that they own it. By letting them select a couple of favorite items, and putting the rest away, you give them time to enjoy what they are given, and keep your newly organized house from looking like it exploded. This also allows you to pull out one of the new toys on a particularly "boring" snow day, for them to enjoy.

5. Most importantly, keep calm and enjoy the new year. Each year is a gift in itself. By keeping your family focused on the blessing of the new year, you will help them to avoid the over-stimulation and anxiety that can come with the end of the holiday season.