Incorporating Granite Countertops Into Your French Country Kitchen

If you love the look of old world craftsmanship and deep, rich colors, you may be fond of a French country theme for your kitchen. French country design incorporates many natural elements along with colors that create a bold statement. Your focal point will be the countertops. Granite (from outlets such as Alma Granite) provides a stunning and sturdy base which will become the workhorse of your kitchen. Here are some ways granite can accent every element of the kitchen.


The color that you choose to paint your kitchen will be the main base in which to start putting together colors and textures throughout the room. If you decide to go for a bold, darker look, choose deep reds or yellows and accent with black. More contemporary French country design uses lighter pastels and earthy colors such as beige and off-white as the background color in the kitchen. Granite countertops are versatile and can come in white with black, tan or charcoal swirls and specks. You can also go traditional and have a dark mocha granite countertop with black or brown weaved into it.


Your granite countertop will be measured and cut to your specific kitchen design needs. The sink will draw the eye in and be one of the first things you'll see when you enter the kitchen. Popular sink styles for French country inspired kitchens include:

  • Farmhouse or apron-type sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Composite-type sinks

A farmhouse sink is often a deep set sink that has a drop-down or apron style in the front. This is a sturdy type of sink that blends in nicely with the natural elements of a French country kitchen including granite, brick and stone backgrounds.

Undermount sinks can be cast iron, stainless steel or porcelain—depending on your budget and design needs. They are a popular choice for granite countertops because of their seamless design.

Composite sinks are a durable choice that can be made to withstand high temperatures and excessive wear and tear.

Forged copper or metal also bring a kitchen to life with French country flair and design. Almost all modern sinks are designed to pair up nicely with almost any color of granite.


Cabinetry is generally made from solid wood design or composite. Some kitchen cabinets are painted or stained black or a darker color to accommodate traditional French country design. Cabinetry hardware choices are endless. Try pairing up the handles such as nickel or polished brass with the same style of hardware you used for the sink faucet. The granite countertop should accent the cabinets and not clash in color.


Accenting the kitchen with decorative pieces from French flea markets to highlight the cabinetry is one way to achieve a country theme. Wall art that includes artistic prints of chickens and farm animals is popular with this decor theme. Topiaries and plants in terracotta pots provide accents that can be placed on the granite countertop. Set the table with black and white checkered dishes. Add a splash of yellow or red with napkins and decorative wood bowls.

Bringing the look together involves accenting the room with colors that showcase your countertop. Slowly bringing in more color once you get your cabinets, sink and floor colors picked out will help tie your look together to create a welcoming space.